About us-
The Team

Behind Clevergum is a team of experienced physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are united by two main factors: a passion for a healthy lifestyle and enthusiasm for natural and high-quality foods. Together, all Clevergum employees give their best to make the world a little bit healthier.

The minds
behind Clevergum

Prof. Dr. med. habil. MBA HCM Florian Pfab


Torsten Iben


Frank Langer


Carina Ulrich

Managing Director

Laszlo Kiss

Managing Director

Clevergum heralds "the end of the tablet". 4 Further products are launched: Vitamin-D3Gum, MagnesiumGum, ConcentrationGum and PerformanceGum Pro.

Clevergum gets the green light from the ethics committee for a larger, placebo-controlled clinical trial of CleverGum

The team grows and moves to a larger building in Haar near Munich

This is followed by the antiviral lozenge CovidBon, which is based on the same formulation.

Our first product, CovidGum, is launched on the market

first prototype of Concentration Gum and PerformanceGum - associated first goal in the Bundesliga with PerformanceGum

Covidgum receives certification as a medical device

Official foundation of Clevergum. Registration of the three partners: Torsten, Frank and Florian; Grünwald near Munich becomes the company's headquarters

Pilot study with CovidGum begins at the IKF

Reorientation and decision to continue without a production partner and to take everything into one's own hands; selection of suppliers (chewing mass, raw materials)

Torsten, Frank and Florian are on a worldwide search for a suitable production partner; further development prototypes

Patent application

Florian Pfab has the idea for Clevergums and is looking for partners to implement it; he develops first prototypes with manuka and propolis, then decides to make vegan version

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