The story of Clevergum already begins with the fact that Professor Dr. med. habil Florian Pfab, our medical head and co-founder, already had the ambition in his youth to always want to get the best out of himself. Otherwise, he probably would not have managed to be an associate professor at the age of 37, to head the medical department of Eintracht Frankfurt, and to practice as a specialist in sports medicine, manual medicine / chiropractic, acupuncture, allergology, and nutritional medicine on the side. He is also a lecturer at the German Medical Association for Acupuncture and an examiner at the Bavarian Medical Association.


At the latest when he entered professional sports, he increasingly addressed the question of how top athletes could meet the ever-increasing physical and mental demands. In the process, he observed how athletes were unable to take in food in the form of powders or liquids, let alone keep it down, before games and competitions due to growing nervousness. And this is where our real founding story begins, the birth of functional chewing gum 'Made in Bavaria'.


Dietary supplementation with pills, tablets and powders was yesterday.
The future belongs to chewing gums that work, enriched with evidence-based, valuable and natural ingredients.

The introduction of the tablet at the end of the 19th century was considered one of the greatest upheavals ever experienced by the pharmacy profession. Now, after more than 100 years, a new era is dawning - the future belongs to functional chewing gums that supply people with all essential substances. No more difficulty swallowing, bad taste or missing a glass of water. We optimize chewing gums and bring you what you need - faster, more effective, and better tolerated.

Imagine chewing away your headache with a piece of gum in a few years and feeling immediate relief.


Our culture
and what drives us

For us, curiosity, progress and passion are paramount. We pride ourselves on tackling difficult challenges, not following others and blazing previously unknown trails. We encourage our employees to think differently, be creative and curious, act entrepreneurially and always be open to new ideas and perspectives.

Our guiding principles are built on research, science and evidence. They are at the heart of everything we do and help create high-quality products that work. Always following the motto: "Just because no one has done it before doesn't mean it doesn't work."

We are

We take a sound, comprehensive and evidence-based approach, always with our customers' needs in mind. In this way, we develop meaningful, coordinated formulations for our Clevergums, for the best performance in every situation.

We are

We encourage fresh thinking and new ideas, question the status quo and work in a scientifically sound manner. In doing so, we keep an eye on new and exciting trends from medical research, breaking new ground that no one has gone before.

We are

Passion gives us the ability to overcome obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. Our passion results from the awareness of creating something new and great: Chewing gums that help people to be the best they can be.

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