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Increase training performance, but how? 

Moana Kiss

Moana Kiss

Certified Fitness Coach and Psychology Student
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Increase training performance, but how?   The fitness junkies among you know the problem: at some point you get to the point where you feel like you can't really increase significantly. Not being able to pack on the two-three more pull-ups, a more intense interval workout, or 20 more push-ups. However, thanks to recent innovations in technology, training methodology, and nutrition, it is possible to increase performance to an extent that we may not have thought possible before. The question, of course, is how? Where to start?   So here's a quick guide for you on what to look for in your training to get to the next level without making things too complicated.
  • Optimize regeneration: after the workout is before the workout. In order to reach the optimal performance potential in the upcoming workout, it is important that you give your body enough rest after each training session to recover. After all, it is not during the workout, but during the breaks that muscles grow. The maximum time window between two training sessions should be two to three days. You can support this with walks, sufficient sleep, the right nutrition and of course everything that is good for you and your soul.
  • The right training plan: a proper training plan gives your training a structure and is crucial for a long-term increased performance level. Here it is often worthwhile to ask a trainer for advice. It is also important to plan not only the training, but also the recovery days, otherwise you run the risk of leaving recovery phases to chance.
  • Document training progress and set goals: always have your goals clearly in mind and be proud of even the smallest progress. This is the only way to stay motivated and achieve success in the long run.
  • Active ingredients that boost your performance: Our body is not a machine, but we can still further optimize performance through a smart combination of good nutrition and the additional intake of evidence-based herbal ingredients. Beta-alanine, Citrulline, and Creatine are at the top of my list here. Furthermore, I also find supplementing with sodium bicarbonate helpful because it can counteract muscle acidosis. This usually occurs as a result of lactate accumulation (the so-called "buffering") and is responsible for the feeling of fatigue.Also exciting: nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydride (NADH) - an important cofactor that supports enzymes in their work throughout the organism. The more NADH a cell has available, the more energy it can produce. Athletes can train longer in the aerobic phase through regular NADH supplementation and thus produce a higher endurance performance. Creatine Kinase, which normally increases during endurance work, indicates damage to muscle cells. NADH brings the increased Creatine Kinase activity back into the normal range in a very short time. No doping and according to IOC and NADA harmless.
  • Continuity instead of one-time use: If one thing is important for long-term success, it is continuity. Various studies have shown that regular training is particularly important for the best possible results.

  • Go beyond your limits: to get better even as a seasoned athlete, it's essential to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. No matter if that means running one kilometer more, taking 10kg more than usual for the squat or simply riding a new route by bike. The important thing is to regularly give your body new stimuli and impulses to which it can adapt.
  • The right nutrition: in addition to a hard workout, a balanced diet is essential to optimize your training performance. Competitive athletes in particular have an increased need for micronutrients such as iron, Magnesium and Vitamin D3 due to an increased energy metabolism and increased mental and physical stress. The latter is particularly deficient in autumn and winter months and can be supplemented accordingly. Personally, it is also important to me to get Vitamin D3 from vegan sources, which is the case, for example, with the VitD3Gum from Clevergum.
  • Training partner: Let's be honest: on some days, the inner pig is just too big and we just can't bring ourselves to move. It's exactly on those days that the "right" workout partner is worth their weight in gold. Apart from the enormous advantage of having someone who motivates you, training together is also a lot more fun.
  • Reduce stress: Often, working out serves as a balance to our daily lives, a distraction, or an opportunity for me-time. However, if we don't manage to switch off and put unwanted thoughts, such as the shopping lists or possible to-dos for the boss, out of our minds, this damages our performance in training. In such a case, I like to put the cell phone on airplane mode or leave it at home altogether.
  • The right warm-up: Our body must be optimally prepared for every load. This happens on the one hand through the right meal before the workout and on the other hand through the right warm-up. This is important to prepare the body for the upcoming movements, to circulate the muscles and to reduce the risk of injury.
Good luck!

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