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Behind Clevergum is a team of experienced physicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are united by two main factors: a passion for a healthy lifestyle and enthusiasm for natural and high-quality foods. Together, all Clevergum employees give their best to make the world a little bit healthier.


At the latest when he entered professional sports, he increasingly addressed the question of how top athletes could meet the ever-increasing physical and mental demands. In the process, he observed how athletes were unable to take in food in the form of powders or liquids, let alone keep it down, before games and competitions due to growing nervousness. And this is where our real founding story begins, the birth of functional chewing gum 'Made in Bavaria'.


We love our work. We work every day to make our customers' lives even easier and healthier. Our scope of work is constantly growing, just like our team of experts from a wide variety of fields. You want to join Clevergum? Then apply for one of our advertised positions.


Agile environment

Our team is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, quick action and productivity. This is only possible in an environment in which employees feel encouraged to make decisions and stand by their actions.


Diverse Team

We don't just talk about diversity, we live it and welcome everyone who shares the same values that are self-evident in a modern society: Mutual respect, freedom of expression and equality.


Flat hierarchies

Agile working certainly needs a framework, but not steep hierarchies. That's why decision-making paths are short at our company, communication is direct, and our employees are motivated.

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