A: Clevergum was born out of the idea of offering a viable and innovative delivery method of evidence-based and high-quality active ingredients, whether in elite sports, at work or in leisure, that help people reach their full mental and/or physical potential. The founders of the company are Prof. Dr. med. Florian Pfab, Frank Langer and Torsten Iben.

A: Clevergums are sold in the online store at clevergum.com and in well-stocked pharmacies.

A: We do our best to produce as sustainably as possible when making chewing gum, knowing full well that chewing gum mass is not biodegradable. Precisely because nature is very important to us, and also with a view to the added value that Clevergums offer people, we naturally experimented initially with biodegradable chewing gum mass and found that it could not be combined with the slow-release mechanism that is important for the release of active ingredients. We are continuing our research here and are striving to find a more environmentally friendly solution.

Our efforts do not end there either: Out of conviction and love for nature, we use purely vegan ingredients from organic production and strictly ensure that they are not products of animal origin and that no ingredients that are of animal origin have been added or used in processed or unprocessed form at all stages of production and processing.

We also offer Clevergums in bulk in recycled material for refilling and include notices in the packaging for our customers urging them to dispose of the chewing gums in an environmentally responsible manner.

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