A: Our chewing gums bring added value to enhance mental or physical performance via carefully selected and high-quality active ingredients in organic quality. Through the medicinal chewing mass, the ingredients are released gradually during chewing (slow release), where they land via the oral mucosa directly in the bloodstream and can thus quickly develop the desired effect. This means that even small doses can be absorbed by the body with high efficacy and without loss via the first-pass effect. The chewing gums thus offer a practical, everyday and well-tolerated form of food supplementation that has been proven to work.

A: One Clevergum sugar-free gum contains approximately 3 calories of nutritional value.
Exciting: When chewing gum, the body burns an average of eleven calories per hour. Vigorous chewers naturally have a somewhat higher consumption here, leisurely connoisseurs should reckon with somewhat less.

A: Sucralose and xylitol. Sucralose is a sweetener that the BgVV classifies as completely safe based on extensive studies on teratogenic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. After oral intake, sucralose is absorbed to a comparatively low extent and excreted almost unchanged. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that is used as a substitute for table sugar. It has a similar sweetening power to sucrose, but does not cause tooth decay, has fewer calories and is also suitable for diabetics. Xylitol is directly effective against the bacteria that cause caries and is therefore also used to prevent plaque and tooth decay.

A: Our claim to optimize holistic well-being takes into account the connection between mind and body and all aspects of the person. This claim is reflected in the diverse expertise of our very heterogeneous team, consisting of professional athletes, ecotrophologists, (nutritional) physicians, molecular biologists and food chemists. They coordinate closely with each other in the development of Clevergums and carefully select only the best active ingredients that take this claim into account and are based on the current state of science.

The absorption of active ingredients via the oral mucosa and their rapid entry into the bloodstream have already been scientifically proven in many ways. To ultimately verify functionality, our products undergo quality tests and serum samples are also evaluated under medical supervision to check and ensure high bioavailability.

A: Clevergums are not only good for dental health, like conventional sugar-free chewing gums. They achieve the desired effect in the body on a mental or physical level via a well-thought-out formula of evidence-based and sensibly combined active ingredients, thus contributing to a better sense of well-being.

A: Clevergums are special chewing gums developed by an interdisciplinary team of experts on a scientific basis and manufactured under elaborate conditions in a clean room corresponding to pharmaceutical production in accordance with the guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). They undergo a lengthy process in the process. In addition, they contain only active ingredients of the highest organic quality from reliable sources. All in all, it is a great effort, but one that is absolutely worth it in view of the great benefits that Clevergums bring, and one that all the employees at Clevergum are passionate about.

A: While in the production of conventional industrial chewing gums the chewing mass is heated, we press our Clevergums under high pressure and in a cold state, like tablets known from the medical sector. Production takes place according to pharmaceutical standards in compliance with the guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practice. The many high-quality substances such as vitamins or phytonutrients that we use in the production process remain stable in their structure due to the "cold pressing" and can thus really unfold their effect in the body.

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