Our scientific and quality requirements for functional chewing gums are very high. We want to make sure that they really work. Together with a team of nutritionists, molecular biologists, ecotrophologists and medical doctors, we have put many years of research into Clevergums. The development of CovidGum alone has required more than 200 series of tests.


functional chewing gum

Clevergums - different from other chewing gums - Simply fun to chew

The first industrially produced chewing gum was made in the USA in 1872, exactly 150 years ago. At that time, the so-called chicle, a milky sap of the mush apple tree, was mixed with sugar and already had something pleasant to chew.

Functional vs. Functioning

The function of a chewing gum is still limited to a few areas - taste, breath, dental care. This has mainly to do with the typical method of production. The chewing mass, similar to a cake dough, is mixed with the desired ingredients and heated, then spread out on a wide surface, shaped into the desired form (e.g. strips) and then dried to prevent sticking. Heating in particular, but also sticking in the chewing mass, means that ingredients are often difficult to release from the chewing gum, and thus cannot perform any function.

In the conventional production method, valuable ingredients can be destroyed and thus lose their function.

Therefore, after countless tests and expert discussions, we decided to take a completely different approach that not only preserves our valuable and active ingredients, but also releases them with a slight delay for direct absorption in the oral mucosa.

are better!

  • High bioavailability
  • Faster in the blood
  • Active ingredients remain intact
    Cold pressing with pharmaceutical quality

"Oral mucosa provides excellent accessibility and prevents the degradation of proteins and petpids that occurs through first-pass gastrointestinal absorption and hepatic metabolism."

Front Pharmacol. 2019; 10; pblishes online 2019
Nov 5. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2019.01328
5x faster effect

The direct absorption of the active ingredients via the oral mucosa also means a very significant time advantage: processing via the liver and stomach takes 30-60 minutes before an effect is felt. Clevergums are many times faster. After only 3-5 minutes, the desired effects begin. You just chew when you need it - and have much more control.

Better tolerability

Many people have problems when taking active ingredients in the form of pills, tablets or powders. When a high number of different active ingredients is added, this can also put a strain on the liver. Clevergums take a more considerate route - directly through the oral mucosa and thus relieve the body. Put the gum in your mouth, chew and you're ready to go, whether it's for calming, protection or optimization.

Natural active ingredients
for your health

At the heart of our work, in addition to our commitment to uncompromisingly outstanding quality, is our knowledge of the world of plant nutrients. We are happy to pass on this knowledge.

Therefore, we offer on our website an overview of all vitamins, minerals and trace elements used in Clevergums (this table is very complex and therefore can be viewed only in the desktop version), as well as in-depth articles on the application of the active ingredients we use.


Every person with a new idea is a nutcase. Until the idea succeeds.

Professor Pfab recognized early on the potential of chewing gums as a new and, apart from all the powders and tablets, much more practical form of administration to supply top athletes in particular with high-quality active ingredients. He began his research in his own laboratory and produced the first prototypes of various combinations and formulations. As the team doctor for Eintracht Frankfurt, he was also able to draw on a wide range of experience and in this capacity has already made a significant contribution to optimizing the performance of top athletes.

Then, when the Corona pandemic hit the world at almost the same time, Professor Pfab, who contracted covid despite taking all protective measures, thought about how to provide additional protection - especially since no vaccine was available at the time. Inspired by the antiseptic mouth rinses already successfully used in dentistry, he came up with the idea of combining natural substances whose antiviral effect had been scientifically proven with medicinal chewing gum as a carrier. This is where the elaborate development of CovidGum, our first product and the world's first antiviral chewing gum approved as a medical device, began.

For the further development of the prototypes and commercialization, he found two experienced business partners and investors in Torsten Iben and Frank Langer. Together, they finally founded Clevergum GmbH on February 18, 2021.

Professor Pfab

Florian Pfab is co-founder and medical head of Clevergum. In parallel, he is responsible for the management of the medical department at Eintracht Frankfurt Fussball AG. He invented CovidGum, the world's first antiviral and functioning chewing gum, as well as a whole range of other exciting Clevergums.

How did you come up with the idea of Clevergum? You are a sports physician and usually take care of the health of professional athletes?

My work, in addition to maintaining health, is about creating the best conditions for strong mental and physical performance. All athletes should achieve this through a balanced diet. Now there are times in professional sports when several competitions have to be contested in different places within a very short period of time without longer rest periods. This tugs at the psychophysical parameters. Often, professional athletes find it difficult to take in or keep food with them before competitions. That's when I first came up with the idea of combining natural, evidence-based and sustainable substances for direct or indirect performance enhancement with a chewing gum - basically, all substances that are also found in the natural diet of humans.

We were able to realize the highly complex process of adding certain amounts of essential oils through months of research and today we are the only supplier on the market who has succeeded in doing this in series production.


Our chewing gums are pressed, just as tablets are produced in the pharmaceutical industry today. For this purpose, we have had a special, medicinal chewing mass developed, which is absolutely unique in its kind.

Before the individual cores, i.e. the heart of our chewing gums, are pressed, the chewing mass is enriched with all the necessary active ingredients in a special process.

We were even able to realize the admixture of certain quantities of essential oils through months of research, and today we are the only supplier on the market who has succeeded in doing this in series production.

„slow release“

Our special chewing mass and natural ingredients are bound in the chewing gum in such a way that they are chewed free from it during chewing in a period of approx. 5-7 minutes. The advantage: the ingredients of a conventional chewing gum are already released from the gum after less than 1 minute. Clevergums, on the other hand, release the hand-picked, evidence-based ingredients only gradually, ensuring highly efficient absorption through the oral mucosa.

Extremely high bioavailability of the active ingredients

Direct absorption of the active ingredients via the oral mucosa allows them to enter the systemic circulation without any detours. While swallowing of active ingredients can mean a quite high loss of effect due to filtering in the liver (first-pass metabolism) and processing in the stomach, bioavailability when absorbed via the oral (and also nasal) mucosa is one of the most efficient ways of administering active ingredients, along with direct injection.

and development

Research and development of Clevergums - for several years our company has specialized in the development of functional chewing gums with high added value to meet your needs in the most innovative way.

Under the leadership of Professor Pfab, our research and development team is always working on new ideas and analyzes the maximum benefit for you as a user, aligned with the latest research. Our claim is to process only natural ingredients of the best quality. Therefore we check all our suppliers and know most of them personally. We guarantee the functionality of Clevergums through natural active ingredients of various kinds such as polymers, minerals and vitamins.

In addition to functionality, we pay special attention to the organoleptic experience, as we are convinced that our Clevergums should guarantee a positive sensory experience in addition to functionality:

  • Effect
  • long lasting taste
  • Consistence

from the first idea
up to series production


From prototype
to the finished product


make a conventional chewing gum
to a real Clevergum

ingredients and quality

We use only premium active ingredients as pure substances and always source our products directly from leading producers worldwide. Our formulations consist of these selected individual raw materials without exception. We avoid any excipients and additives, and if we use additives, then only valuable natural substances.

  • Only premium suppliers with fair working conditions
  • Production only in EU and according to pharmaceutical standard (GMP, ISO 22000:2018)
  • Storage in pollutant-free containers
  • Maximum avoidance of chem. Solvents for extracts
  • All products in any case 100% natural, without genetic engineering, artificial colors and flavors, titanium dioxide or added sugar.

We pay
attention to

The composition of our recipes, whose ingredients come almost exclusively from purely natural sources, is done specifically and on the basis of scientific evidence. The dosage is always based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). We obtain our concentrated plant extracts from raw materials of organic quality by high-purity extraction with water and food alcohol.

We only use certified raw materials in our chewing gums - these must first pass comprehensive tests before we process them further. Our customers can therefore rely on products that consist of high-quality ingredients and are characterized by ideal bioavailability.

Where extraction from natural sources is not possible, we use nature-identical raw materials and active coenzymes of pure pharmaceutical quality. This clearly distinguishes our formulations from inexpensive ready-made mixtures with synthetic individual substances, which often contain artificial additives.

that gives you