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 "With miracle chewing gum to Schalke victory!" was the headline of the BILD newspaper on 19.01.23. In the online edition as well as in the Frankfurt print version, the newspaper reported on the PerformanceGum and the sporting performance of Eintracht Frankfurt.

In November 2021, ARD's livenachneun magazine broadcasts an interview with Professor Florian Pfab entitled "Chewing Gum vs. Corona," in which the inventor of CovidGum explains how the chewing gum works. Marco Lombardo is the moderator.

In December 2021, the Frankfurter Rundschau reported in a detailed interview with Professor Florian Pfab about CovidGum and the inclusion of the antiviral chewing gum in the hygiene concept of a top football league team.

Bild reports several times on the antiviral CovidGum, including in connection with other agents that are antivirally effective and contribute to oral cavity disinfection. In a live interview with Bild-TV, Professor Florian Pfab explains details of the study and how the chewing gum works.

Shortly before Christmas 2021, the editors of the program "Die Ratgeber" from the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation examine which common remedies are recommended in the fight against coronaviruses and come to the conclusion that CovidGum is also recommended in addition to antiviral nasal spray and mouth rinses, but that all three remedies presented in the program are a useful supplement to existing hygiene measures, but do not replace vaccination.

In February, RTL put CovidGum to the test and tested the effect of CovidGum on editors from the RTL editorial department who had Covid-19. Other media speak of an "accolade" for CovidGum after the also positive results, which showed the reduction of CT values.

Another article highlighting the positive effect of CovidGum at the cold time of year.

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