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Kaugummis mit Funktion.

Energie und Vitalität in jeder Situation. 

Selbstoptimierung to go. Immer dann, wenn’s drauf ankommt – Wirkstoffzufuhr in Echtzeit. 


Simply clever.

Our gentle pharmaceutical-grade process preserves the valuable ingredients we have carefully selected.

The active ingredients pass through the oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream, where they take effect immediately. Just when it counts!

Simply put: Everything you chew goes directly into the blood through the oral mucosa and does not have to be metabolized first with loss of active ingredients.

Clevergums are chewed. Compared to conventional dosage forms, you avoid uncomfortable swallowing, heavy digestion and can optimally dose your active ingredients.

Keep your mind sharp

The balanced nootropic combination of ConcentrationGum improves energy, concentration and cognitive performance. It helps to stay awake and focused without the side effects typical of other energy products, such as nervousness or tremors.

One of the most commonly used remedies in Ayurvedic herbalism. The withanolides contained in Ashwaganda are said to promote stress resistance and have a calming effect.

Stimulates metabolism, circulation and psyche. Well-dosed, the stimulant increases concentration and combats fatigue. Guarana prolongs the effect.

High quality turmeric extract in effective turmeric/ curcuminoid concentration. Particularly high bioavailability due to absorption through the oral mucosa. 

The amino acid L-Tyrosin has been shown to increase thinking performance, concentration and mental fitness, naturally without side effects.

"We use the PerformanceGum Pro already for a year in the team and it has become part of our routine for more presence and power on the court! What is brilliant is that everyone feels the effect after just a few minutes and the digestive tract is not burdened".

DJIBRIL SOW Soccer player at Eintracht Frankfurt

"The ConcentrationGums are an absolute added value and a great support for me in special coaching moments"

SANDRO WAGNER TV commentator for DAZN & ZDF and head coach of SpVgg Unterhaching

"I chew the PerformanceGums for an extra dose of strength and energy, and I swear by them!"

RALPH HASENHÜTTL former Austrian international soccer player, Bundesliga and Premier League soccer coach

"The demands on the body in ballet are enormous. Both the PerformanceGum and the MagnesiumGum help me get the most out of myself during daily training and speed up the recovery process."

OSIEL GOUNEO First Soloist Bavarian State Ballet

"Tagsüber im Job nehme ich den Concentrationgum, und wenn's am Abend nach Hause geht, hole ich mir den extra-Kick mit dem Performancegum. Er steigert die Trainingsbereitschaft - denn bist du wacher, hast du weniger Ausreden und tauschst bereitwilliger Training gegen Couch."

KAI HUNDERTMARCK Ehemaliger Radrennfahrer (Team Telekom und Motorola)

"In duels, hundredths of a second make the difference. PerformanceGum helps me to be 100% focused to come out of them as a winner."

STEFAN ILSANKER Austrian national team player and player at CFC Genoa

“Der Concentration Gum ist meine absolute Geheimwaffe, wenn ich an wichtigen Sachen im Büro arbeite, die meine volle Kontentration benötigen oder auch mal müde Phasen auf langen Autofahrten habe. Er wirkt sofort und gibt mir einen Fokus, den ich vorher so nicht hatte.“

SEBASTIAN SCHUPPAN Ehemaliger deutscher Fußballprofi und heutiger -funktionär.

“Ich bin total begeistert, kann ich gar nicht anders sagen.Ich hatte vorher immer große Probleme mit dem Mittagstief, war danach meistens für zwei Stunden unfit und müde. Mit dem Concentrationgum ist das überhaupt nicht mehr der Fall. Ich merke, wie ich nach einem Gum deutlich wacher bin und fühle mich viel aktiver. Das Gleiche morgens - man wird einfach auf eine angenehme Art wacher, anders als mit einem Espresso-Kick, fühlt sich fitter, und ist geistig präsent. “

MARTIN KESKARI Fully Qualified Professional der PGA of Germany und B-Trainer des DGV/DOSB, Mitglied verschiedener Nationalkader, vier Siege auf der Pro Golf Tour 2015 bis 2016

    Our scientific and qualitative requirements for functional
    Chewing gums are very high. We want to make sure that they really
    function. Together with a team from
    nutritionists, molecular biologists, ecotrophologists, and
    medical professionals, we have put many years of research into Clevergums.
    The development of CovidGum alone has required more than 200 series of tests.

    maximize your potential

    The PerformanceGum Pro - our absolute high-end product for the ambitious professional athlete. Enriched with performance and focus enhancing, evidence-based substances that maximize your endurance and sharpen your cognitive skills.

    Beta-alanin serves as an acid buffer and thus counteracts signs of fatigue due to over-acidification of the muscles and enables the increase of the training volume.

    The more Citicolin you have in your brain, the better you can concentrate, learn new techniques, and perform athletic exercises accurately.

    NADH boosts energy levels via the mitochondria and provides mental clarity and alertness. In addition, NADH can significantly improve energy metabolism.

    Caffeine stimulates metabolism and circulation. Guarana is considered the strongest natural source of caffeine and prolongs the energy kick in this combination, because the caffeine is bound to tannins and is released more slowly.

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    Florian Pfab is co-founder and medical head of Clevergum. Parallel
    he is responsible for the management of the medical department at Eintracht
    Frankfurt Football AG. He has developed CovidGum, the world's first antiviral
    and working chewing gum and a whole range of...

    Antiviral, strong against specific enveloped viruses

    Our CovexGum is composed of natural, antiviral ingredients that in-vitro studies show can make life miserable for pathogens.

    A combination of anti-infective essential oils extends the protective effect of the CovexGum. The oils used consisting of cinnamon bark, peppermint and lemon all have a strong antiseptic effect.

    Quercetin shows a broad spectrum of activity in the prevention and treatment of colds. Studies show that it can reduce symptom severity and the number of sick days.

    Ginseng has a variety of different ingredients, of which ginsenosides are the most important group of substances. They have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antihypertensive effects.

    Zinc is a component of numerous enzymes as well as proteins and is thus involved in a large number of reactions in the body, e.g. in cell growth and wound healing, in various metabolic processes and in the immune system. 

    The story of Clevergum already begins with the fact that Professor Dr. med. habil Florian Pfab, our medical head and co-founder, already had the ambition in his youth to always want to get the best out of himself. Otherwise, he probably would not have managed to be an associate professor at the age of 37, to head the medical department of a top Bundesliga team, and to practice as a specialist in sports medicine, manual medicine / chiropractic, acupuncture, allergology, and nutritional medicine on the side. He is also a lecturer at the German Medical Association for Acupuncture and an examiner at the Bavarian Medical Association.

    give your body sunshine

    According to statistics from the Robert Koch Institute, around 30% of all people in Germany suffer from Vitamin D3 deficiency, some of which is severe.

    Das vegane Vitamin D3 wird aus Flechten gewonnen. Diese Herstellungsweise ist weitaus komplizierter als bei den herkömmlichen Erzeugnissen. Das Vitamin D3 aus Cladonia kommt dem vom Körper produzierten Vitamin weitaus näher und ist dadurch besser aufnehmbar.

    Vitamin K is especially important for blood clotting and bone metabolism in your body. In expert discussions it gains more and more importance and is highly topical especially in combination with Vitamin D3. Together they support bone metabolism and act very effectively in the organism.

    Important for heart, muscles and nerves

    A deficiency of Magnesium can be one of the main reasons for fatigue, muscle cramps, irritability and cravings for sweets.

    Magnesium malates are components in enzymes involved in energy production and are rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the body.

    Magnesium bisglycinates are compounds with malic acid. They are components in enzymes involved in energy production and are rapidly absorbed and metabolized by the body.

    Magnesium citrates are absorbed relatively quickly by the body and stored in the body for a short period of time.

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